Endodontic Rotary Files

PathMax Files

We supply the best NiTi endodontic rotary files with and without heat treatment.

– PathMax™ Pro: heat treated files, no memory

– PathMax™: non heat treated files, memory


Our brands are:

PathMax™ Pro


SmartTrack Files

Due to the heat treatment of the SmartTrack™ Files the flexibility is increased significantly.

Our brands are:

SmartTrack™ Reciprocating
SmartTrack™ Rotary
SmartTrack™ Universal


Endodontic Obturators

UseFill Obturator

The UseFill Obturators are made of radiopaque alpha-phase gutta percha. The ideal flow characteristics serve optimal obturation into the far corners of the root canal.

Our brand is:


SmartCore Obturator

Gutta Core Obturators are a revolution in endodontics. The vulcanized compounding of gutta percha enables an equal 3-dimensional flow in the root canal.

Our brand is:


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About Nikinc Dental

Nikinc Dental is an EN ISO 13485 certified manufacturer specialised in heat treated Rotary Files. We are based in Brainport Eindhoven, the Netherlands. By keeping very close contact with practitioners worldwide, we have learned a lot about dental and endodontic treatments. We’ve learned to create new product improvements and smart dental solutions by listening closely to specialists. The Nikinc Dental products stand for high quality with a good price. All products are classified as CE Medical Device class IIa. For more information contact us at