CompoTherm™ Composite Warmer

Reliable composite heating with exact temperatures

Large heat range 20° up to 60° Celsius

Composite can be really difficult to adapt and model in the cavity. The Compotherm softens the composite compules what improves the flow capacities of composite. Heating composite makes it also easier to modeling composite. The intended use of the CompoTherm Heater is to provide heat at a constant level to pre-heat composite materials. As studies shown warming up composite decreases the risk of creating air pockets under the restoration and incorporates air bubbles in the filling material. The CompoTherm accurately adjustable to the degree, between 20° and 60° Celsius.

Efficient design and easy to clean

Every push of the plus or minus button is one degree up or down. The compules can be placed in four different drawers. For warming up composite we advise a temperature of 60° degrees Celsius. Because of the low energy consumption you can fill the drawers with composite in the morning and let the heater on all day without using too much energy. It takes only 3 minutes to warm up a composite compules. CompoTherm is a very compact device (110x140x155mm) and is very easy to clean. As an extra benefit Compotherm can also be used to warm up anesthesia. Injecting anesthesia at body temperature is more comfortable for the patient.