The obturator with a gutta percha carrier

SmartCore™ Obturators are a revolution in endodontics. The vulcanized compounding of gutta percha enables to have a pink gutta percha fill. Gutta Percha has been used for over 150 years in dentistry. The Gutta Percha makes a pink carrier that centrally compacts and hydraulically spreads the gutta percha around it, to flow equally in three dimensions, throughout the canal system.


Easy to retreat
Because the entire obturator is made from gutta percha, you can easily create post space and retreat cases. Use your current technique for creating post space and retreatment method to remove the SmartCore™ carrier from the canal.

Easy and reliable placing
The handle and shaft comes off easily, by either a few gentle bends at the handle, from side to side or by taking a thermal cutter. SmartCore™ allows for great 3D obturation in even the most challenging cases. SmartCore™ hydraulically spreads the gutta percha around it to flow equally in three dimensions throughout the canal system.

Compatible with major oven brands.

Product overview

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box 30 pcs