UseFill™ Verifiers

Ensure adequate sizing

Better dimensions (ISO sizes)

Verifiers are used prior to obturation, to ensure adequate space exists and a passive fit for the flowable gutta percha and obturators core. The size verifiers matches the UseFill obturators and confirms precise sizing thanks to the millimeter markings on the Size Verifiers. In most cases the Size Verifier will match the largest file taken to the working length.

Compatible with all popular files

SmartTrack verifiers can be used to fill cases shaped by any popular file (including: SmartTrack®, WaveOne®, ProTaper®, GT® or GT Series X®, Vortex®, ProFile®, Sequence®, K3®, or TF File®). It accurately measures all tip sizes and tapers (.04, .06, .08, .10), from size 20 to size 50.